Automotive Business Unit

Making a difference with our competitors.

MIRGOR, one of the first Automotive Parts Companies in the country to certify IATF 16949:2016.

In the Automotive Business Unit through our companies MIRGOR, IATEC (INDUSTRIA AUSTRAL DE TECNOLOGIA = AUSTRAL INDUSTRY OF TECHNOLOGY) and INTERCLIMA, we are in charge of the manufacturing process and provide value-added services for the following products:



For more than 30 years we have been supplying the automotive OEM market. We have invested in high technology equipment for quality control and we have developed the plastic injection process as one of the most outstanding processes of this product, making a difference with our competitors. We have the Domiciliary Customs service in our automotive plant, which allows us to provide “just in time” deliveries to our customers.


In a market of growing evolution, this product has control of equipment with satellite navigation and with the highest technology electronic board on the market, completely manufactured in our production plants. Infotaiment was the first electronic product for the automotive industry manufactured by Mirgor Group.



INTERCLIMA provides the service under the Schenek system license, where the TPS control is performed from a radio frequency system, which allows pressure measurement of the wheels and the process of undercutting and balancing, fully automatic

Our work philosophy is based on three principles:

  • Just in time
  • Self Quality 
  • Kaizen 

We ensure the processes under the certifications of the IATF 16.949 and ISO 14.001 standards and to achieve continuous improvement goals use the following tools:

5S                TPM                  Value Stream                Kanban               Map                    Smed              Hoshin