Home Electronic Appliances

Ensuring high quality technology standards.

EIn the Home Electronic Appliances Business Unit supplied from IATEC and INTERCLIMA, we are in charge of the manufacturing and marketing of the following products:

  • LED TV
  • Residential and Industrial air conditioning Unit
  • Tablets/Notebooks
  • Microondas
  • Audio 

Besides, IATEC has licenses to manufacture monitor screens, video player and recorder, and cordless telephones.

In the search for greater efficiency, as from product diversification Mirgor Group has decided to create Electronics Plant Business Unit (EPBU), which is the same supplier for all the business units, ensuring high quality technology standards.

Our production plants are certified under the standards ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001 and recently we have become the first manufacturing company in Latin America qualified by IPC J STD 001/1610 (Industry Association for printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing service companies). This standard is globally recognized and establishes the requirements and percentages of acceptability in the assembly and welding of electrical and electronic board spare parts.