Cell Phones Business Unit

A distinction of quality in each of the production lines

The Cell Phones Business Unit has its production in IATEC. The growth of our first quality logistics service allows us to efficiently comply with the delivery of all our products in all distribution channels.

We have more than nine production lines, which supply the market of operators, distributors and retailers, with a production of up to 15,000 daily equipment.


In the Cell Phones Business Unit we have a professional sales area that provides services to customers and retailers, tier 2 and tier 3, which collaborate so that our customers grow and develop in a competitive market. Today we have 60% of the market share of the Cell Phones market.

We have more than 1,000 workers dedicated to the manufacture of SAMSUNG brand cell phones who are provided with constant training which allows them to develop a distinctive expertise in their work, and develop as the best technical professionals in the industry.

The acquired know-how has allowed us to develop a distinction of quality in each of the production lines, reaching high production standards.

We managed to reach our objectives through an efficient production system that through standardization and continuous improvement of processes allowed us to increase production capacity and respond to changes and challenges that arise in an increasingly competitive environment. Our production plants are certified under the ISO 9.001, ISO 14.001 standards.