GMRA is the distribution company of Mirgor Group

Based on the experience we have achieved, along with the innovation that features the Mirgor Group, the company decided to take a further step in the value chain and decided to set up a new company: GRUPO MIRGOR RETAIL ARGENTINA (GMRA), in charge of the market development of stores and kiosks in different parts of the country, through which it exclusively sells SAMSUNG brand products.

In addition, GMRA starts its activities in e-commerce, focused mainly on selling B2B products to partner companies.

This new company represents a great challenge, totally new that will help to develop new competences and promote the growth of Mirgor Group.


Shopping Partido
Solar de la Abadía CABA
Pasaje Rodrigo La Plata
Boulevard Shopping Almirante Brown
Nordelta Centro Comercial Tigre
Parque Comercial Avellaneda Avellaneda
Terrazas de Mayo Malvinas Argentinas
Portal Lomas Lomas de Zamora
Parque Brown Factory CABA
Dot Baires CABA
Portal Palermo CABA
Patio Bullrich CABA
Recoleta Mall CABA
San Justo Shopping La Matanza
Distrito Arcos CABA
Catán Shopping La Matanza
Centro Comercial Tablada La Matanza
Liniers Shopping CABA
Samsung House Palermo CABA
Alto Rosario Shopping Rosario
Ribera Santa Fe Santa Fe Capital
La Paz Shopping Paraná
Paseo de La Ribera Rio Cuarto
Cordoba Shopping Córdoba
Galerías Pacifico CABA
Las Toscas Shopping Esteban Echeverría
Alto Avellaneda Avellaneda
Alto Palermo CABA
Del Siglo Rosario
Soleil San isidro
Alto NOA Salta
Los Gallegos Mar del Plata
Galerías Pacifico CABA
Plaza Oeste Tres de Febrero
San Luis Shopping San Luis
Mendoza Plaza Mendoza
Espacio San Juan San Juan
Alto Comahue Neuquén
Tienda Naranja Flores CABA
Tienda Naranja Lomas Lomas de Zamora
Tienda Naranja La Plata La Plata
Tienda Naranja Rivera Indarte Córdoba
Tienda Naranja Cordoba Subte Córdoba