Argentine autoparts manufacturer will manufacture high technology multiedia systems in the country

Estos sistemas multimedia son considerados la evolución tecnológica de las autorradios

Una autopartista nacional anunció que comenzará a producir en el país sistemas multimedia de alta tecnología y valor agregado, en el marco del proceso de sustitución de importaciones que lleva adelante el sector.
Mirgor announced an agreement between its subsidiary IATEC and Toyota Argentina, to supply different versions of information-entertainment (infortainment) sytems for the vehicles made by the Japanese company in Argentina.

This multimedia are the technological evolution of the car stereos and they have features like audio-video reproduction, navigation, digital TV, AM-FM radio, Bluetooth and Phone link capabilities as well as other applications which improve confort in cars.

The project of the autoparts manufacturer is supported by the agreement reached between IATEC and Pioneer, designer and proprietary of the advanced manufacturing technology which will be transferred in order to copy the same processes used to make this type of products supplied to Toyota, on a worldwide basis.

Mirgor informed that, in order to achieve the quality targets required by the project, the company re certified its TS16949 and ISO 9001 qualifications in June of this year.

This announcement if made within the framework of the import substitution strategy followed by the Argentine Government, which is followed closely in the Integration Board of the industry´s value chain.

The Board is led by the Minister of Industry and it is the place where the car manufacturers and autoparts manufacturers to discuss local integration, cost and quality requirements to follow the objectives set by Argentina´s Industrial Strategy towards 2020.