Clouds, platforms and networks: technology had reached the HR department.

The incorporation of technology on HR processes is increasing.

Management Software. Human Resources management incorporates technology that provides access to information for the company and workers.

The incorporation of technology on HR processes is increasing. Cloud-based systems, digital platforms to facilitate the recruitment, software for virtual interviews and applications for applicants, are some of the tools that are being taken. A survey by consultancy PwC confirms this over 60 local companies.

“The main impact of technology is registered in the selection and training processes using e-learning systems and changes in training contents. The technical support has also improved decision making of HR professionals”, says Eugenia Lesca , manager of PwC.

In accordance with Lescá, training contents were substantially modified: “Topics such as IT Security, confidentiality, responsible use of technological tools, risk prevention of digital business were included. Remote team leadership training and new supervision methods are other new demands on training”, she adds.

The impact of technology in decision-making is wide. 79% of the companies said that the quality of information they need to decide has increased, while 54% assures that the time needed to that process is reduced. Meanwhile, for the 21% of the sample, the risk when deciding was reduced, and 50% could identify new and better alternatives based on available information.

Selection and Trainning

Mirgor’s industrial group, employs 2,920 people and it has four plants in the country (Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Rosario and Tierra del Fuego). Since middle of last year Mirgor began implementing the HR management platform, Success Factors with SAP’s cloud computing.
So far, several processes in the area have been digitized, and recruitment, learning and development modules are being parameterized. Under the same system an internal social network had also been developed, which allows to include and link employees who are geographically dispersed , and also set up working groups in that environment.
In accordance with Miguel González, HR director at Mirgor’s Group, one of the main advantages of applying technology to personnel management is that it allows to stop “performing operational tasks, in order to concentrate on the content and strategic aspects”.

González adds that management becomes more flexible: “Based on the information system, we can draw up reports and statistics, which can get any kind of metrics. Using the management system, the risk management decreased and the decision making improved. We access to better information faster”.

According to Mirgor’s executive, in addition to promoting restructuring the roles of area, the use of self-management platform favoured employees and managers, who access the information they need of the personnel under their command.

Accenture consultancy, which employs 7,500 people in Argentina and 23,000 in Latin America, digitalized many HR processes: search and recruitment, publication of positions to apply internally, training, development management and employees referral program profiles.
“The main benefits of implementing technology are to achieve greater transparency, to obtain indicators, to use tools to analyze data that allows us to develop potential future settings regarding various issues –engagement, training results, rotation, identifying high potential employees, –in order to take preventive actions”, says Alejandra Ferraro, HR manager Director in Accenture LATAM.

All open positions in the company are published in Accenture’s job posting system. “The systems allows our staff to provide opportunities in different business and to reduce the number of people looking for jobs in other companies. Thus, the process is more transparent ”, Ferraro says.
“Specially in the selection and recruitment processes, we are always thinking how to simplify and to identify the applicant faster”, says the executive. Job interviews are performed remotely via Hire Vue software-platform and the applicant can download the InterviewApp, which facilitates data and tips for their interview.


New profiles

34% of the companies had to recruit new professional profiles as result of having implemented management technology. Among them, there are following:
*Technical support
*General digital profiles
*Scientific data
*E-learning specialists, digital marketing and big data
*Java developers

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