Finnish company nokia ratified their interest in continuing with its investments plans in argentina

Through Mirgor, its local partner in Argentina, the telecommunications company Nokia pledged to suit diagrammed strategies by the national government

Nokia ratified their development plans for short and medium term. As rised by the representatives of the finnish company in a meeting with the Minister of Industry, Débora Giorgi, with whom they discussed the current industry and market electronic cell.

The industrial porfolio said that Nokia through Mirgor, its local partner in Argentina (Who produces in Tierra del Fuego)  pledged to suit diagrammed strategies by the national government.

In this regard, Giorgi explained that the objective is aimed at maintaining a thriving domestic market, with a high level of employment and protecting companies to maximize their investment in Argentina.

The regional general manager of Nokia, Andre Jaquet, said the firm has almost 30% of the cellular market in Argentina in volume, and stressed that “Argentina is important for Nokia” and detailed their plans for short and medium term.

Meanwhile, in equipment valued at less than the equivalent of one hundred dollars, participation reaches 50%. Giorgi recalled that in 2013, there was a record sale of cell phones in the country, about 14 million sets.

The multinational technology and communications firm, located at Keilaniemi district in Espoo, Finland, is in the process of negotiations to sell its phones to the software giant Microsoft, keeping for itself the business of telecommunications networks, consultancy, navigation and maps.

These areas continue to be part of the company’s presence in Argentina, claimed managers.

Jaquet said that “Argentina is an important market for Nokia phones” and that the intention is to continue working in Tierra del Fuego through IATEC, Mirgor part of the Group.

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