UOM started a prevention campaign in factories

The people responsible for this duty highlighted the initiative, carried out jointly by doctors, companies and the union

The Metal Workers Union of Río Grande (Unión Obrera Metalúrgica, UOM) started a breast cancer prevention campaign in their factories, during working hours. The first companies to offer room to hold this activity -which is performed by professionals on a voluntary basis- were those belonging to Grupo Mirgor.

Río Grande – Yesterday the Río Grande UOM started a breast cancer prevention campaign on its various plants during working hours. The first companies that offered room for this activity, carried out by professionals on a voluntary basis, were those belonging to Grupo Mirgor. Gustavo Racedo, the Group Human Resources Director, said that they “celebrate these initiatives taken by the Union and by the staff representatives in our plants.” He also pointed out that it is “a double celebration, because the people responsible for this initiative are union representatives in one of our plants, who then took the idea to the rest of the Union.” He mentioned that this activity is carried out “in remembrance of the International Breast Cancer Prevention Day,” and that “the number of women workers is growing in all the factories in Río Grande and, clearly, our plants are not an exception.” The Human Resources Director also stated that “we need to support every prevention activity that aims to take care of factory workers; that’s why we believe that Grupo Mirgor needs to give strong support to this initiative.” The representative of Mirgor thanked “the union representatives” for encouraging this activity, and also “the medical teams that are contributing to it, and the staff that might benefit from this prevention campaign. This initiative will contribute to the good health of all the population.” To conclude, he said that “when we talk about social responsibility we mean that every individual must make contributions from their function and from their level, whatever they are, so that this initiative can be beneficial to everybody.” On the other hand, Eduardo Álvarez, one of the union representatives in Mirgor, welcomed the campaign and confirmed that they are now “starting this breast cancer early detection campaign with our female co-workers in Mirgor, Iatec and Interclima, and afterwards we will take the message to those working in other companies to cover all of them, one by one.” Álvarez confirmed that “every plant representative will inform their female co-workers about the day when we will visit each plant, so that they can have time to bring previous mammograms and other tests. We will need to keep fluid communication with the groups of representatives in all factories in order to coordinate the visits of doctors on the rest of the days.” Álvarez also thanked doctors and companies for their cooperation in carrying out this campaign. He pointed out that “we are very happy with the doctors’ social commitment, with the room granted by the different factories, with our co-workers, who are performing the appropriate censuses so that we can be aware of the time we will take in each plant.” Full article