More than 30 years of quality service

Mirgor Group’s strategy is to be leaders in each one of the businesses where we have a share, both in “Market Share” and in our customers' satisfaction.

MIRGOR GROUP is made up of three business units:

-Automotive Business Unit.

-Home Electronic Appliances Business Unit.

-Cell Phones Business Unit.


The companies that make up Mirgor Group are the followings:




In October 1983, MIRGOR established its first plant in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, destined to the supply of climate control systems for the automobile industry.

The experience of so many years allowed it to grow and develop in a diversified market, maintaining its leadership position among its customers, which gave us a distinctive competition on the automotive electronics market.





In 1995 Mirgor bought Interclima as a strategic decision of vertical integration, it was its main heat exchangers supplier for the automobile industry.

In 2004 the diversification process started with the production of residential air conditioning (split units and window air-conditioners), and it has entered into commercial agreements to provide services for the automotive industry.





Growth continues with the acquisition of IATEC in 2009 as a strategic decision of the Group in order to diversify the business to enter into consumer markets of durable goods, reaffirming in this way the development of the electronics industry of consumption with the production of televisions, cell phones, residential air conditioning and infotainment equipment for the automotive industry. Nowadays IATEC is the largest company in the Group and manufactures televisions and cell phones for the SAMSUNG brand.