Shareholding structure

Ethics and seriousness.

We assume a way of doing business based on righteousness and professionalism.

Since 1994 MIRGOR shares are quoted on the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, since then it has deepened and consolidated an excellent business relationship with top-ranked banks.

Its shareholders are strongly committed to growth of the company, and that is reflected year after year, in the reinvestment of profits.

All of its industrial and financial operations are managed in different SAP environments, and are audited externally by Ernst & Young.

Its shares can also be traded on U.S.A. or outside this country by the form of ADR’s and ADS’s. Their depositary bank is the Bank of New York Mellon and the rule applying for the S.E.C. is the 144 A (regulations only for Qualified Institutional Buyers).

For more information, go to: Comisión Nacional de Valores -Mirgor